What Our Clients Say

Expansive Skill Set
"Mr. Taylor was able to assist my family with complex legal and real estate matters in a timely and courteous fashion. I was impressed with his knowledge of the Washington Metro area housing market and the facility with which he coordinated our real estate transactions." - A.P.

Masterful Wisdom and Experience
"We engaged Mr. Taylor at first on a flat fee for what we thought would be a Probate case. It became a very complex case that involved going into a hearing. He was thorough, engaged, knowledgeable and available to my family at every stage. What made this most meaningful for us was that it was all while we were still in a very emotional state, which he expressed empathy for, while still being very proactive in his understanding of the law and what the potential outcomes of our very unique case entailed. During the hearing, while there were two surprises, Mr. Taylor never lost composure. In fact, he rose above it.
This was never a case for us. It was family business and he treated it as such, but never forgot his job at hand and he used wisdom and experience to guide him at every turn. We prevailed." - M.H.

"I engaged RISM LLC in 2018 to work on behalf of my family's probate cases that involved both my mother's and grandmother's estates. Both parents passed away without a completed will. To help the family manage the multiple legal processes for changing ownership of real estate properties, bank accounts, and other assets, Angela Taylor has guided us step-by-step through the required court document filing procedures, and has offered vitally important advice that added value to what is often regarded as a tedious and time-consuming process for the average person. Her advice and hands-on efforts have made the probate process seamless, thorough, and comprehensible. I can heartily recommend RISM LLC as an expert law firm for providing individual and family estate planning and probate services. Her continuous and consistent follow-through have kept the family informed and on track to successfully complete all related legal processes. Her knowledge has saved us both time and money for which we are very grateful and appreciative." - A.W.

"I am very well satisfied with the competent way you have handled my probate case! Thank you so much." - R.V.