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Live Peaceably With Others in Your Rental Property

Find landlord and tenant law assistance in Washington, D.C.

Did your landlord fail to tell you about a pest infestation in your apartment or condo? Has a tenant not paid their rent in the past few months? Consult RISM LLC about your landlord or tenant law case in Washington, D.C. We can assist you if:

  • Your landlord is evicting you without following the proper court procedures
  • Your landlord or tenant is discriminating against you
  • Your tenant won't pay rent
  • Your tenant or landlord broke your lease agreement
  • Your landlord refuses to make necessary repairs

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RISM LLC will let you know what you're entitled to legally, and then will work toward the best possible outcome. We'll help you resolve your legal issue as quickly as possible to give you peace of mind. Contact us today to learn more about tenant and landlord law in Washington, D.C.