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We have invested nearly two decades in developing a wide range of expertise in Bankruptcy, Real Estate, Probate and Estate Planning

Our company has the tools to assist you in acquiring and protecting your personal and business assets for generations to come.

Whether is expertise in acquiring assets or maintaining the assets you have, we can help.

We are also a full service brokerage firm. Thus we can give you professional service in acquiring and selling any type of real estate you may be interested in.

About Us

About Us

Lead Attorney

Managing Principal
Jamison B. Taylor

Engineering- Northwestern University, 1989
MBA & JD- The University of Chicago, 1996
Jamison B. Taylor has been practicing law for over 17 years. His practice is focused primarily on Real Estate, Commercial Litigation, Estate Planning, Business Planning and Probate & Estate Administration in the District of Columbia and New York. Jamison attended Northwestern University where he obtained an engineering degree in 1989. He worked as an engineer and general manager for a Fortune 500 company for several years before enrolling in business and law school. While pursuing his graduate studies, Jamison focused on real estate, finance and tax. In 1996, he obtained both an MBA and JD from The University of Chicago. Shortly thereafter, he began his legal career at a large law firm based in Washington, DC where he handled high stakes commercial litigation matters.

Jamison is a skilled trial lawyer who has won jury and bench trials in multiple jurisdictions. Jamison has represented both entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 clients in a wide array of complex civil litigation matters. Jamison strives to help his clients find the most cost-effective strategy to achieving their desired outcome. Jamison is an equally skilled negotiator who has helped many clients obtain favorable settlements thereby helping them to avoid the high costs of litigation. In those cases where the parties cannot satisfactorily resolve a dispute on their own, Jamison is committed to vigorously pursuing his client’s rights and interests at every stage of the litigation process including drafting pleadings and pre-trial motions, discovery, and trial.

Jamison’s real estate clients benefit from his more than 35 combined years of real estate law and real estate industry experience. Jamison developed a passion for real estate in college and has acquired, managed and developed numerous residential properties for his own account since the 1980s. Over the course of 20+ years as a broker and consultant in the real estate industry, Jamison has provided a wide array of real estate services including: management and brokerage services to condo developers and other real estate investors, assisted clients in connection with real estate acquisitions and conversions of apartment buildings in to condominium units, negotiated financing of commercial and residential transactions with local community development banks, advised clients on compliance with historical building code and other regulations, conducted historical chain of tile reviews, drafted abstracts outlining chain of title, appealed real estate tax assessments, successfully represented clients before the DC Housing Commission, and served as an expert witness in real estate disputes.

On the legal side, Jamison routinely represents developers, property owners, and real estate professionals during the negotiation of a wide array of commercial and residential real estate transactions. He has also represented clients in both simple and complex litigation arising in connection with real estate sales contracts, commercial and residential leases, building construction, condominium governance and disputes with unit owners, real estate title issues, home improvements contracts, and claims filed by or with District of Columbia agencies.

Jamison is an entrepreneur by nature who has owned and/or operated several small businesses since graduating from college. This entrepreneurial experience, when combined with his finance background and extensive legal experience, makes him particularly well suited to advise smaller business owners and entrepreneurs in connection with every facet of their business lifecycle. Jamison frequently counsels his smaller business clients on their estate planning and business planning needs as well.

Jamison’s combined 35 years of legal and business experience allows him to provide comprehensive representation to his clients. Whether it’s Bankruptcy, Probate, Estate Planning & Administration, Commercial Litigation or Real Estate Transactions, Jamison has the experience and insights needed to deliver better results for his clients.